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You won’t have to look in the phone book for very long before you find several electricians. But think about it. You’ve tried so many electricians in the past. So why haven’t you stuck with one good one? The answer is you probably haven’t found one that’s reliable, affordable, honest and fast.

How are you affected by great service?

When it comes to dealing with an electrician in South Africa, most of us can relate at least one bad experience. So how are we different? Take a look.

  • Once you call, we strive to come out within 24 hours or less

  • Because of our extensive experience, your electrical issues STAY fixed

  • Paying is so easy because of our remote, on-site pay point

  • Prevention is better than cure! You receive expert advice every time we come out

When you’ve dealt with us once, we want to make sure we become your electricians of choice!

Don’t sweat the big stuff

What kinds of electricians do you contact most often? Is it mainly for your domestic electrical problems? Or are you a business manager in need of a commercial electrician? Then some factories and warehouses require specialised industrial electricians. So which one should you call right now? How about a team that specialises in ALL of these fields? No matter how big or small your electrical issues, we are fully qualified. And you can be sure that we will charge you appropriately per job.

Philosophy to live by

You also want to deal with an electrical team that possesses certain qualities of trust. For this reason, please take the time to get to know us better. First, you can rest in the fact that honesty is the way we do business. Second, fees are always fair and according to the services rendered and the equipment purchased. Finally, we want you to refer us to your friends, colleagues, and family. And that’s why we ensure your satisfaction every single time we visit.

Honesty and integrity are what’s kept us in business for so long!


Our Customers Feedback

“You are very professional and reliable, will definitely recommend you to others.”
Anees - Randburg
“Appreciate your efficient service and convenience. Not many electricians can master the art of coming and going without the client even noticing that there was a problem in the first place.”
Cathy - Alberton

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