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Plumbing issues can halt your life. Something as small as a blocked drain can cause so much disaster for your household. Customers won’t remember your restaurant for its good food—but for the toilet that didn’t work. And what about those pesky industrial plumbing issues? Who knows how to fix them so that they STAY fixed? If these are your dilemmas, read on.

What sets us apart from other plumbers?

The plumbing services you receive from us are of the highest standards. Plumbers in South Africa have loads of competition. So what YOU think of us is all that really matters. For this reason we’ve made a point of finding out what you want in a reliable plumber.

  • Honesty & integrity

  • Short arrival times and quick work

  • Sound advice on how to prevent future issues

Your opinion matters. So please tell us how we can improve our service to you!

Small to large—residential to industrial

For a residential owner, a plumbing issue can cause a lot of inconvenience. But for a commercial business manager, revenue is at stake. Industrial plumbing is the most difficult to diagnose and solve—and also carries the most risk. So you’ll be happy to know that our teams are fully qualified in all of these areas. You want us on speed dial for any and every plumbing emergency. Quick turnaround times and lasting solutions are what you get!

For your benefit: our full range of services

So as a recap, let’s see what all we cover: Blocked drains, Damaged kitchen & bathroom taps, Burst geysers, Leaking pipes, Shopping mall plumbing, Factory & warehouse plumbing & Water pressure problems

It’s all about taking the stress off your shoulders and solving your issues fast and effectively. If that’s what you want from your plumber, then get in touch with us right now!


Our Customers Feedback

“You are very professional and reliable, will definitely recommend you to others.”
Anees - Randburg
“Appreciate your efficient service and convenience. Not many electricians can master the art of coming and going without the client even noticing that there was a problem in the first place.”
Cathy - Alberton